The Rude In Ireland

The Rude Awakening is an intense, passionate and exciting two week journey toward a new definition and experience of what true leadership means in your sphere of influence. A Course in Miracles states that all of us have a ‘special function’, a unique life purpose. This is a workshop committed to embracing the entirety of our unique human life experience and using every nuance of it to reveal this purpose, then act on it. You will bring yourself into a state of absolute congruity, in alignment with the world and discover a profound sense of wholeness, clarity and direction. Your life becomes an adventure because it is one. This will be the  most exciting and important two weeks of your life.

The Rude Awakening is a 2 week workshop for graduates of The Awakening. Students arrive to participate from all over the world making it truly international. The relationships formed with other participants, assistants and facilitators are deep and allows a more thorough experience of pioneering a path through the levels of defense in your psyche. You will experience an alarmingly honest and spectacular view of your inner self and your ultimate purpose beyond yourself. The workshop is 5 days, you have the weekend off, and then back in again for the last 5 days. The weekend is an opportunity to explore your surroundings as well as having a more adventurous optional activity together.

NOTE: THE RUDE AWAKENING WORKSHOP regularly sells out – be sure to save your spot today!

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