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Keep the Clearmind Connection

You can rely on us for support and resources when it comes to achieving REAL connections – what we believe are the foundation for a fulfilling, authentic life. We hope these spark your curiosity, widen your self-awareness, and help you build further relationship skills towards more authentic connection.

Whether these videos reinforce your Clearmind experience or introduce you to Clearmind’s programs and workshops – we hope you enjoy and share!


Evolution Revolution

What does it take to be a ‘successful’ human who positively impacts every relationship they enter? Watch as Catherine O’Kane traces what is necessary to evolve as a human species with what is required to become a professional counsellor.

REAL: The Power of Authentic Connection

Have you ever felt at the mercy of circumstance and chance, maybe even in spite of determination and planning? Most of our struggles in life are relationship struggles. This foundational talk reveals our own (often unconscious) contribution to these struggles and points the way toward a more fully connected life.

Living a Life That Matters

Have you ever wondered what you are here for? Within the many small decisions we make each day, we can influence both our direction in life and our experience of it. Revealing and healing our unconscious choices unlocks the door to happiness, satisfaction and freedom.

Courageous Conversations

Ever dreaded having that difficult conversation? The defensive strategies we employ when facing hard conversations can often contribute further to the problem. In this talk we demonstrate the art of vulnerable communication at home, in the workplace, and in intimate relationships.

Intimacy: The Final Frontier

Does a life crisis spell the breakdown of your relationship; or the beginning of a more profound intimacy? All intimate relationships have in the core of their design the possibility for personal healing and growth, unlike anywhere else in our lives. This talk unpacks the prize, a map to experience the adventure, love and expansion that intimate relationships are waiting to provide.

Setting the Goal

Is your life the result of circumstance and chance or determination and planning? While we can’t magically create the life we want just by saying we want it, setting a clear intention acts as a directional compass. We reveal how obstacles can actually become stepping stones toward your goal.

Coming Home: Discovering the Family You Never Knew You Had

Who do you think you are? In many ways we are the reaction to our family-of-origin’s story, which holds a set of instructions for how to think, be and act. We need to know more to become more, so that we can rise to our family’s destiny.

Finding What You Want in The Middle of What You’ve Got

What if everything you’ve ever wanted was available right now? In this talk we discover that what we want can be found through a radical acceptance and re-envisioning of every aspect of our current circumstances.