The Awakening

A time comes in your life when the voice inside your head cries out ENOUGH! Enough fighting or struggling in pursuit of what you think you need to be happy. Enough hoping and waiting for something or someone else to change. It is time to face yourself, and change from the inside out.

The difficulties we experience in life happen because of what we hold in the basement of our psyches. If our psyche is metaphorically a house, the basement is the place where we hide our fears and vulnerabilities. Hiding that pain is the problem, rather than the solution, as our way of defending creates more pain for self and impacts others. This vulnerability is connected to unfinished business from our past, and must be revealed to be healed.

It is scary to be vulnerable. That fear is literally the portal back to connection and love. When we reveal our fears and vulnerabilities, we invite connection. Connection is essential for correction of self limiting beliefs, because it moves us beyond intellect. For example, most of us know from our ‘shelf help’ section that we are loveable, but don’t necessarily feel it. The feeling of connection pulls us out of the basement and back into life.

The Awakening is safe, supportive journey through the basement, through the vulnerability and fear, to meet the REAL YOU. You will learn practical tools to continue to the adventure. Your REAL life, which requires your REAL self to participate in it, will be and is far more rewarding, expansive, and amazing than anything you could manufacture strategically.

The Awakening is our gateway workshop and as such is a prerequisite for attending most of our other offerings. The workshop takes place over three days incorporating both larger and small-group work. In-person workshops are often residential with food and accommodations provided.

NEW: A unique experience for unique times!
The Awakening Workshop is now also available online. Running successfully around the world for over 25 years nearly every month – thousands have experienced The Awakening Workshop and what it means to feel REAL Connection. Wherever you are in the world – you too can be part of the Awakening experience. Click here for dates, pricing details and online booking.


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