Discover the REAL You & Dive into Authentic Connections

Have you ever had that hopeless feeling staring at your reflection, wondering, “When did I drift so far from who I wanted to be?” Life has a way of getting us stuck in the same routines and repeating the same relationship patterns. Whether it’s non-stop arguing with a partner, feeling on edge with family, or just not being your true self with others.

Remember those dreams and plans of being the boldest, most real you? And those connections where just a glance spoke volumes, where you felt genuinely seen and heard? Isn’t that what we’re all chasing deep down?

Connection is what brings purpose and meaning to your life, so how do you find it when it’s lost?

Say hello to the Awakening Workshop

In just 3 transformative days, we’ll hit pause and see where life has taken us. This isn’t just about making things right with others; it’s about reconnecting with who we truly are. We’ll explore the reasons behind our actions, learn fresh ways to step ahead, and create connections that truly resonate. This workshop is about freeing yourself from what’s holding you back, offering tools and insights that’ll stick with you forever. 

Taking a moment for yourself, to grow and heal, is huge—and we’re here to guide you and cheer you on. Our approach is all about genuine, heartfelt connections that can spark real change in your life. Because being open is just the starting point; what lies beneath is a beautiful, connected you, waiting to be rediscovered.

Ready to get back to the real you?

“I’ve been involved with Clearmind for just over a year and a half now, starting with The Awakening, which is an amazing workshop to connect with people and especially yourself. It really was [an] incredible starting point as far as my personal growth journey […] Clearmind really sets you up to succeed.  They’ll help your life in every way possible. And I really appreciate this whole organization for changing my life.


“The largest benefit for me would be that knowing that you’re not alone in both having relationship issues, dilemmas, pain, personal problems and also wanting to work through them. But there’s this camaraderie of like we’re all dealing with our shit and we want to move towards each other that you can have shit and still move towards one another.”


“It was amazing. I really had an amazing time this weekend. I got to meet 45 new people. I started my personal development journey 24 years ago, and this was my first program with Clearmind. I have to say that there was work done this weekend that was to depths that I’d never experienced in my previous 24 years. The only way through it is through it. Take that leap of faith and become awakened with yourself.”


Ready to Change How You Connect?

Connections make our world go round – the heart-to-heart talks, the belly laughs, and those “they get me” moments. But let’s face it, finding genuine moments of connection can feel impossible.

That’s where the Awakening Workshop jumps in. Together, we’ll journey into understanding ourselves, tweaking what needs a little change, and finding ways to create connections that truly matter. Think of it as an overall life tune-up, making every interaction richer and more authentic.

Day 1

Dive Deep into Connection Barriers

On the first day, we’ll uncover the barriers and defenses that hold back our relationships. With the guidance of our experts and group chats, you’ll begin exploring your personal story in a trusted and welcoming environment.

Day 2

Go Beyond The Surface

Day two is where the real magic happens. We’ll get to the heart of our emotions to better understand them, and find ways to ensure they enrich our relationships, not strain them. With a helping hand from our facilitators, every participant will gain tools tailor-made for their unique challenges.

Day 3

Wrap It Up and Shine

The final day is about tying it all together. You’ll fine-tune your strategies to break free from negative cycles and form deeper, more genuine relationships with yourself and others. You will practice your new skills, and gear up for a new chapter filled with deeper connections. And as we say our goodbyes, it’ll be with a bag full of memories and a heart full of lessons.

Ready for authentic, deeper connections? Let’s embark on this journey together.

Why The Awakening Workshop?

Ever felt there’s a deeper layer to life and relationships you’re missing out on? Maybe you’ve tried self-help books or attended talks, but they seemed…well, a bit flat, or not relevant to you? Here’s the thing: The Awakening Workshop is more than just a sit-and-listen session. It’s where real-life meets the wisdom of connection.

On this experiential journey, you’ll learn to:

Enhance Emotional Well-being

Learn key strategies to nurture inner growth and manage those unexpected triggers.

Deepen Understanding

Get to the heart of why you behave the way you do, paving the way for mutual understanding and positive shifts in your relationships.

Shed Light on Shadows

Explore how past experiences, traumas, and deeply-held beliefs influence your relationships.

Elevate Communication

Harness the power of transformative communication techniques to build relationships that are not only meaningful but also fulfilling.

Form Authentic Connection

Cultivate warmer, closer ties with those around you, creating a true heart-to-heart connection.

Speak from the Heart

Learn the art of vulnerable communication, helping you clearly and effectively express what you truly need.

Are you ready to really get to know yourself? 

Guided by dedicated counsellors who’ve walked the walk, you’ll dive into real scenarios, reflecting on your own life stories. Imagine a place where every conversation, every hands-on exercise, and even those shared laughs or heartfelt moments pull you closer to a world rich with deep connections.

Within the embrace of our supportive group, you’re not just hearing words – you’re living them. If your relationships feel like they are lacking the REAL you, you’ll now have the tools to experience REAL connection.

The Awakening Workshop isn’t just a three-day date in your calendar. It’s your ticket to a life painted with vibrant relationships and real, soul-stirring encounters. 

Start your journey to better relationships and a more authentic YOU!

Why Spend Months in Therapy When You Can Transform in a Weekend?

You might be familiar with the drill – therapy can be a slow process, both in terms of time and money. Picture this: spending months, maybe even years, unfolding and dissecting every issue that’s had an impact on your life to date. 

Over 6 months…

2x/Month Therapy

That’s around $1,800.

Weekly Therapy

That’s a whopping $3,600!

With the weekend-long Awakening Workshop, you’ll:

Experience the essence of six months of therapy

Dive deep into your emotions and relationships

Spend significantly less than traditional therapy

This workshop isn’t just an alternative to therapy; it’s a catalyst for rapid transformation.

The Awakening is a guided opportunity to dive deep, understand yourself and connect better – all in one energized weekend.

It’s more than hours saved or money in your pocket. It’s an investment in your personal growth. 

If you are ready to take the fast-track and experience REAL change, we’re here to guide you through your Awakening.

You will have the support you need every step of the way. 

Ready to face yourself and change from the inside out? It’s time to meet the REAL you. 

Enroll in the Awakening Workshop

What’s included in your registration?

All workshop materials, including a 30-page PDF workbook

Workshop facilitation by professionally educated and registered counselors

Support from our top-notch assistant team who is dedicated to maintaining a safe and professional environment

Access online community support for six weeks post-workshop.




Flexible Payment Plans Available

Let’s make this journey accessible for you!

Register for the awakening


Join the thousands who’ve experienced a profound relationship transformation at The Awakening Workshop!

The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life

“It just feels like a warm embrace, a warm, cozy blanket around me and a lot of love. It’s beautiful. It’s just this beautiful space of feeling and allowing and just amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to do that, really. And I’m forever changed. It’s been amazing.”


“I think what I would say is that the level of experience and knowledge and safety that the workshop provides is something that feels so incredibly valuable, like it’s priceless what you get here and that you get to move through an experience which I think is really unique. I think we spend a lot of time in our heads and so it just really pulls you right into the experience and everyone’s in it with you. And so going at it alone is hard. And then going at it with a group makes it easier. It really does.”


“And learning things about myself, what’s blocking my love or difficulties I have with my journey. Digging into those things or some of the tools that we were provided with at this seminar are going to make a big difference when I return home with you.”


My biggest takeaway from the experience has been recognizing and realizing the connection that can happen in the vulnerable places in the sometimes the most painful places in our lives. And to witness my wife and my partner there and to be able to hold her and have her hold me was beautiful.”


“You can go to the worst spots in your life and people will be there for you and be there with you and help you get out of that and help you learn how to be with that and not just get over it but get through it.”


“What I think I appreciate most in the workshop is not only their knowledge and experience but also just watching the way that they interact as a couple. They actually do the things that they get us to do and they walk through their own examples of their real life situation and you can tell that there’s a genuineness to their experience. And so it feels like hey, this might actually be something I could do too. Maybe if they can do it, so can I.”


Finding Real Connection Changes Everything

Here at Clearmind International, we’re all about forging real, heartfelt connections. We believe relationships are the base of everything meaningful we build in life. We’re experts in helping folks grow personally and professionally. Our workshops and programs are a blend of hands-on individual and group activities, all under the caring wings of professionally recognized facilitators. This way of learning isn’t just lectures, but a journey where you dig into your challenges and face them head-on, and you’re not doing it alone.

A Rich Community of Compassionate Professionals

Clearmind International is the brainchild of Catherine and Duane O’Kane a husband and wife team whose mission is to accelerate personal evolution through the power of authentic connection. We have a hearty mix of skilled instructors, facilitators, and business professionals who walk the talk of being genuine and emotionally tuned-in.

Catherine & Duane are best-selling authors, international speakers, and the subjects of an award-winning documentary.

Catherine O’Kane, M.A., RCC, RCS

Duane O’Kane, RCC, RCS


What types of relationships will the program help me with?

The Awakening Workshop is structured to enhance all types of relationships in your life—be it with your children, family members, significant other or work colleagues. It delves into the core principles of authentic connection and effective communication which are universal to all interactions. By understanding your own emotional responses and learning healthier ways to engage, you’ll be better equipped to foster positive, meaningful connections across all areas of your life. The skills you gain will help in understanding others’ perspectives, resolving conflicts, and creating a harmonious environment whether at home, work, or in your social circles.

I’m single right now, can this program help me?

Absolutely! The Awakening Workshop is designed to benefit everyone, regardless of their relationship status. It provides a deep dive into understanding your own emotional dynamics and behavioral patterns which will be invaluable in future relationships. By participating, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself, improve your communication skills, and learn how to form authentic connections with others. The insights and tools you acquire during the workshop will equip you to foster more meaningful and fulfilling relationships moving forward, making it a worthwhile experience whether you’re currently in a relationship or not.

If I have a partner, do we need to enroll together in the Workshop?

We highly suggest it, but it’s not mandatory. Taking the course together can enrich the experience, making it a wonderful journey of growth. Yet, by focusing on enhancing your own interaction patterns within the relationship, you alone can also contribute significantly to changing the dynamics of your relationship.

Do I need to be completely open and vulnerable to get the most out of this workshop?

Absolutely not. While this is an experiential and therapeutic program, your comfort is our top priority. We encourage participants to embrace the experience and share as they feel comfortable. It’s about taking small, authentic steps rather than big, uncomfortable leaps. Instead of just discussing topics, we offer creative exercises to help you gain fresh insights. Remember, every journey is unique, and we respect the pace at which you wish to travel.

How can I sign up multiple attendees?

If you’re looking to register both yourself and another person, please note that each attendee requires an individual registration. After completing one registration, revisit the provided link to initiate a fresh registration for the next attendee. Kindly avoid using the “back” button in your browser. We appreciate your understanding!

Are there payment plan options?

Please contact Client Services if you would like to discuss payment plan options.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

Administration Fee: Every registration has a $150 admin fee. This bit’s important: it’s non-refundable and can’t be shifted elsewhere.

Cancel Early: If you back out a day before the workshop, you have two options:

  • Get a refund (but we’ll subtract the admin fee), or
  • Save your spot for a future workshop (there’s a $50 switch fee for this).

Last-Minute Changes: If you cancel on the actual workshop day, no direct refunds. But don’t worry! The money you’ve paid, minus the admin fee, can be used for a future workshop.

After the Start: Once we’ve kicked off, refunds are off the table. Still, if plans change and you want to join another date, just note there’s a $50 switch fee.

Hope this clears things up! Remember, we’re always here to help and answer any questions.

If Clearmind Cancels the Workshop, What's Next?

On the off-chance we have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, here’s what you can do:

Shift to Another Date: Easily move your registration to the next workshop we have lined up.

Full Refund: If rescheduling doesn’t work for you, we’ll return every penny you paid.

We aim for smooth sailing, but sometimes life throws curveballs. Either way, we’ve got your back!

Our Wholehearted Guarantee for The Awakening Workshop

At Clearmind International, we have full confidence in the transformative power of The Awakening Workshop. Our aim is to offer you a valuable and meaningful experience that significantly contributes to enhancing your relationships and personal growth.

Our Promise: A Safe, Respectful, and Adaptable Experience

We stand strong against oppression and hold the torch for ethical and responsible therapeutic practices. Our promise is to welcome you just as you are, adapt to your unique story, and treat your vulnerability with gentle care and understanding. We’re always growing, just like you, on a personal and professional level. We believe real, honest connections can mend the spots where disconnection caused hurt. That’s the heart of our work—helping you find and feel the healing power of genuine connections, especially in the rough patches of life.

Not sure if this program is the right fit for you?

We are happy to answer all your questions.
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