REAL life


Are Your Relationships Thriving Or Surviving?

When it comes to relationships, many of us are just winging it. Making and keeping healthy and happy relationships can be hard. Our relationships – whether they’re with a partner, friends, family or colleagues – play a vital role in our everyday lives. Our relational and emotional intelligence is at the heart of happy families, successful teams at work, and connected communities. 

And when we are at our best, we feel connected and surrounded by solid and stable relationships. They bring us a sense of security, purpose, value and happiness. Because our relationships matter to us.



The Quality Of Your Relationships Determines The Quality Of Your Life

Tired of being a people pleaser? Up against a communication breakdown in your marriage? Need to become a better leader at work? REAL change starts from within you.

The self-awareness and skills required to navigate your personal and professional relationships are not innate; they are learned. The REAL LIFE Program will support your growth and teach you how to manage communication gaps to make your relationships work and thrive! 

In this cutting-edge experiential program, expect to dig deep. You’ll learn from doing —our experiential processes combine individual and group work. Sessions are delivered live and online by experienced master therapists. Experiential learning is one of the most effective, engaging, and interactive forms of learning because you take an active role. 



What Can You Expect To Learn?


New Attitudes

  • A clearly defined goal to work towards with the support you need to get you there!
  • A newfound zest for life and overall life satisfaction. Develop your emotional and relational intelligence
  • Acceptance toward self and others


  • You’ll learn about human development in the context of attachment and systemic and relational forces that shape our identities
  • You’ll learn about systemic power dynamics associated with race, gender, sexuality, cultural and social norms, and how these play out relationally in the world around us
  • You’ll identify positive (systemic evolutionary) change
  • You’ll address your personal and professional dilemmas and struggles, and create steps toward getting through them


Become A Better Leader

  • Demonstrate emotional awareness, including tolerance of emotional discomfort, you’ll learn to be proactive rather than reactive 
  • Become more empathetic towards others, learn connective communication skills
  • Learn how to navigate power dynamics associated with race, gender, sexuality, culture and social norms
  • Demonstrate with confidence healthy boundaries, assuming responsibility for self and supporting others to take responsibility 




  • If you’ve embarked on any of our three-day workshops or our three-year counsellor program, you will benefit from this advanced training
  • If you have past experience with Clearmind’s work—this is a more enhanced program with additional theory and exercises unique from any of our other programs/workshops
  • Evolve your relational intelligence skills!



Application Process

If you are ready to apply or have questions, please connect with our Client Services at 1.604.513.9001 (ext 1) or contact us below for more info about this life-changing workshop experience >>>

More Info



  • Classes are held once a week for 3-hours each session
  • Our facilitators are educated and registered with professional associations
  • A support team that is dedicated to providing you a safe, nonconfrontational and professional support
  • A therapeutically responsible and professional approach
  • Genuine integrated change requires targeting thinking, feeling, and doing, which is achieved through a balance of experience and understanding