Women And

Wonder Workshop

Empower Yourself And Reveal The Wonder of Who You Are

Define yourself on your terms. The Women & Wonder Workshop is a powerful opportunity to rebel against who you think you ‘should’ be. Most of us know our value intellectually. Emotionally, however, we still carry an inherited legacy of ‘not good enough’ due in part to the disempowerment of women throughout history. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to beat self-doubt, break free and break through.


Show Up For Yourself

Showing up and supporting other women is in our blood. There’s power in collective action and community. In this inspirational and influential workshop, you’ll feel connected to other women and united in sisterhood. Welcome the support that a group of women can generate for each other. Empowered women, empower women.


Courage Is Contagious

The exercises in this workshop will take you out of your comfort zone and can be challenging, but the atmosphere is supportive and inclusive. You’ll leave this workshop feeling comfortable in your own skin. By being your REAL self in all your relationships, you empower the people around you to do the same. 






Still have Questions?

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  • Facilitators are educated and registered with professional counselling associations
  • A support team that is dedicated to providing you with safe, nonconfrontational and professional support
  • A new perspective on yourself in relation to your mother and the women in your world—the model of what it means to be a woman
  • More insight into the nuances of your identity
  • A therapeutically responsible approach
  • Targeting thinking, feeling, and doing, which is achieved through a balance of experience and understanding
  • Meals will be provided. Our cooking staff try their best to accommodate dietary restrictions (ie. a vegetarian and non-vegetarian and GF option)
  • Email support group for you and your co-participants, assistants and facilitators
  • This workshop is separate from the Men And Miracles Workshop but runs simultaneously on the same weekend. It includes a powerful healing ceremony with the men at its completion


  • No prerequisites are required other than your willingness and openness