Reveal the wonder of who you truly are, beyond learned expectations and norms

Women and Wonder is a powerful opportunity to define yourself authentically on your own terms, rather than being influenced by or rebelling against gender specific messages about who you ‘should’ be. You will discover a new perspective on yourself in relation to your mother, your first model of what it means to be a woman.

Women have a history of being disempowered and victimized. Social reforms have changed the western cultural landscape and most of us know our value intellectually. Emotionally, however, we still carry a lingering sense of shame, an inherited legacy of ‘not good enough’. Often we try to make up for this by being all things to all people. This workshop aims for self acceptance, through a deep experience of our inherent ‘good enoughness’.

The exercises are challenging, and the atmosphere is supportive and inclusive. Many women are surprised by the bonding and support that a group of women can generate for each other. Although this workshop is separate from the men’s workshop, there is a healing ceremony with men at its completion. You will leave this workshop feeling comfortable in your own skin, committed to being your REAL self in all your relationships.

Women and Wonder is a 3 day Entry Level workshop with no pre-requisites.


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