Support & Learning Commons

Keep It Real

Welcome to our free, multi-media Learning Commons and Support Centre. We offer many ways that you can learn how to improve your life either on your own or with the support of others. Clearmind International is in its 3rd decade and one value we’ve always maintained is accessibility. To that end, we ensure that some of our materials are completely complimentary and that our pricing for individuals is competitive. In addition to Clearmind Connects and our workshops, please check out our educational videos, support groups, and Counsellor Directory. Below are links to the many ways that you can rely on us for support and resources in living a more fulfilling life.

Support Centre Videos

Visit this video library whenever you want to reinforce your Clearmind experience or to learn more about other Clearmind Workshops. Bookmark the page as we add videos regularly.

Support Groups

Clearmind endorses several online and face-to-face support groups, run by registered and insured Clearmind trained Counsellors through their individual practices. These groups are a great option for ongoing support, particularly as follow up to a workshop.

Counsellor Directory

We are currently updating our online Counsellor Directory. Stay tuned!