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You have chosen to take a leap forward in your leadership journey which sets a powerful intention to get to the next level in your life. Just deciding to take the time for you and your own personal growth at the Rude Awakening is no small step and should be acknowledged as such. By making the decision to attend the Rude Awakening, you have made a commitment to your own personal growth.

The workshop will enable you to become empowered to transform and heal what is important to you. It will provide you with tools and techniques that you will use for the balance of your life. We are all looking forward to being a part of your process these two weeks.

For additional information please contact:
Patrick McGill at: [email protected] or 1-780-819-9135




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-Preparing for your Workshop

-Arriving in Costa Rica

Real connection is the difference!

Clearmind International Institute offers in-person and on-line, Personal Growth Workshops, and Leadership Development.

Whether it be in one of our 3-day workshops or longer programs, we provide an adventure of self and other discovery and training in the skills required to be a positive influencer.

Our cutting-edge programs move beyond self-help, supporting people from around the globe to ignite their passion, and transform anxiety into excitement, depression into compassion, and pain into purpose through REAL Connection.
Our mission is to help you access the power of REAL and AUTHENTIC CONNECTION with yourself and others, so you can accelerate your personal evolution while positively impacting the world!

For over 25 years, thousands around the world have experienced the impact of this work and recommended it to family and friends, because it works!

For more information about Clearmind International, please visit: www.clearmind.com

our unique transpersonal philosophy

Einstein said that the most important question is “Is the Universe a friendly place or not?” We operate from the assumption that the universe is fundamentally friendly in that the essence of life and of humanity is good.

Our collective journey requires falling in love with our own stories so that we can live them out as the heroic adventures they are meant to be. When we are brave enough to extend vulnerability and love to those around us (rather than fear and defense), we contribute to the ongoing manifestation of the friendly universe.

Our programs move beyond self-help accelerating personal evolution through the power of authentic, loving connection. Our therapeutic skill is aimed at helping people become vulnerable, but vulnerability is not the final destination. Becoming vulnerable is the last step towards unveiling a pristine view of the innocent, connected, natural state beneath our fears about who we are. We, and others, are all perfectly imperfect, good enough, and lovable – flaws and all. This is the friendly universe.

We operate from a particular theoretical paradigm called ‘Transpersonal’, which more or less means ‘spiritual’. We believe that a holistic approach to healing includes mind, body, and spirit.

Our unique approach draws on the philosophy of A Course in Miracles as well as Buddhist Psychology. You need to be aware of this, particularly if you have firmly held beliefs (ie. religious) that may conflict with what we present. It is not our need that you “buy into” this paradigm; indeed, we would prefer that you think critically about how it fits you and your unique life perspective. We do ask, however, that you “try on” the concepts offered, and keep what works for you.

The Rude Awakening is an intense, passionate, and exciting two-week journey toward a new definition and experience of what true leadership means in its sphere of influence.

We are constantly teaching those around us what we believe about ourselves, others, and the world, and we often complain about not getting the results that we want. In this leadership training, we accept responsibility for the inherent power we have and make a choice about giving those things that we want proactively.

We come to terms with the existential dilemma of the purpose of our existence and have the opportunity to address lifelong issues. “A Course in Miracles” states that we have a ‘special function’, a particular and unique life purpose. This is a workshop committed to embracing the entirety of our unique human life experience and using every nuance of it to reveal this purpose, then acting on it. We bring ourselves into a state of absolute congruity, in alignment with the universe, and discover a profound sense of wholeness, clarity, and direction. Life becomes an adventure.

The only happiness we ever experience is when we position ourselves in alignment with the universe around us and something greater than our own egoic understanding of self at the same time, as a giving contributor to whatever situation arises.

It is the transmission of this divine energy into the world that allows us to be in a state of creativity, connection, and love.

Creativity comes through and the connection is the relationship to others this creativity seeks, and love is the result of combining these two primal elements together.

The experience of love emerges as we are willing to give of ourselves, in whatever unique form we are meant to. We cannot create love, we can only experience it by letting it be expressed through us. We are the instrument, not the song. By embracing our unique function, anxiety transforms into excitement and passion, depression becomes purpose and compassion. We start calling the state of love and creativity our home.

experiential nature of the workshop

This is an experiential/therapeutic educational program. You will be invited (not forced) to take emotional risks and reveal thoughts, feelings, and experiences that you might not normally share with a group. Rather than simply talking about an issue, you may be invited to participate in creative exercises designed to help you come to a new experience, a new way of seeing or dealing with the issue.

Facilitators will explain the reasoning behind activities; however, if you do not understand the rationale, we welcome you to ask for further clarification. They are designed to increase your level of self-understanding and awareness. Some will be offered to you spontaneously as you bring material forward, and some are part of the program structure.

We will provide options as required and we ask that you be responsible for taking care of your physical well-being. One thing we hear from our participants is that integration occurs more effectively when they take the following day off instead of a busy work schedule.

group process

Group work is highly effective. Much of our psychological pain comes from disconnection from self and others. Group process is a powerful form of intervention and has many opportunities for connection and learning. You remain ‘in charge’ of your own process; you determine the speed and means with which you will get to where you want to go. Facilitators may make suggestions to you, and may be curious about your decision-making process, but the decision as to what you will do, and when you will do it, will always remain with you.


Facilitators, assistants, and participants agree to confidentiality and will not share names or identifying features of participants. We encourage you to share your experience of the workshop. Your facilitators, as professional therapists, are ethically bound to confidentiality, and may only break it if they believe that what has been shared puts someone at clear and present risk of harm.

The agreement to confidentiality is essential to creating a safe place for everyone to take emotional risks without fear of anyone’s personal struggle going beyond the walls of the seminar room.

Please take your agreement to confidentiality very seriously as it is of the utmost importance to ensure everything we can to protect the integrity of the space.

workshop facilitators & assistants

The Rude Awakening Workshop is run by qualified facilitators and trained assistants; we have the highest ratio of trained assistants to participants in the local personal development field. The team is dedicated to providing you with a safe, non-confrontational, and professionally delivered workshop experience. We pride ourselves on respecting the speed at which each participant decides to proceed.

We ensure a therapeutic responsible and professional approach and our educated facilitators are registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and/or the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association and/or The Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. Workshop assistants, who work under the direction of facilitators receive in-house training in responsible, ethical delivery of service. We adhere to our own internal Code of Ethics, as well as those of our associations.

preparing for the awakening

existing prescribed medications & previous counselling diagnoses

To help us support you, please advise us of any prescribed medication that you may be taking during the workshop or any previous diagnoses by a psychologist or psychiatrist that you may have seen in the past. This is asked in the Participant Information Form previously sent via email.

Change can only occur by doing something different than usual. Our program is a stretch, mentally and emotionally, which may feel quite uncomfortable at times. Over the course of therapy, clients often feel worse before they feel better, and the same is true of this workshop. We provide a loving supportive atmosphere throughout the workshop.
With this we ask that everyone refrain from alcohol or non-prescribed mind altering drugs.


We will provide 3 wholesome meals. Our cooking staff tries to accommodate dietary restrictions i.e. vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Most meals are accompanied by a salad and dinner usually includes dessert.

Coffee, tea, and water are available. Please let us know if you have any major medical allergies. If we cannot accommodate you, feel free to bring what you need.

We do not want anyone to be worried about food so we try to accommodate everything the best that we can.

We will officially start the workshop together at 6 pm with dinner on Sunday.

The workshop breaks for the weekend in between to explore and enjoy yourselves. Meals over the weekend will also be provided. Typically participants go out on their own adventures on Saturday. We will all gather again for dinner on Sunday.

communication & messages

We ask that you give yourself permission to not be distracted by the outside world. There is no answering service, but messages can be left with the producer throughout the workshop – these messages will be checked intermittently.

tropical necessities

As the temperature can range between 28C (approx. 65-80 F) you will want some layers for the early mornings and evenings. Be sure to include some stretchy yoga clothes.

In case of rain, you may want closed shoes and a jacket. If you want to hike to a 500-year-old Ceiba tree on the farm next door you will want covered shoes and long pants to do that walk.

You will also want to bring some natural insect repellent with you – as you are in the tropics. Also very important is a good flashlight -it gets dark at Mystica by 5:30 or 6 pm and it’s best to shine the light on your path to be aware of insects, tree roots, and other tropical animal and plant life.

what to bring


  • POWER ADAPTER: (if different) for 110-volt outlets
  • CURRENCY: cash for optional extras if desired. $1 USD is 525 Colones (September 2023)
  • PERSONAL JOURNAL: bring a personal journal to keep track of experiences. There will be many unique experiences throughout the workshop and many instances where we will ask you to reflect and journal your thoughts so that you can remember them.
  • PICTURES OF KEY PEOPLE: a big part of the world we live in, are the people in our spheres. Photos of key people in your life might include parents, brothers, sisters, friends, spouses, partners, or co-workers.
  • In addition; there are some people in our lives that we have been negatively impacted by, if possible, bring pictures or some visual representation of these. Please bring photocopies, not originals.
  • A SYMBOL OF YOUR GOAL for your Workshop: this can be anything that symbolizes the qualities that you strive for. Past examples of symbols: a little drawing, a rock, a piece of jewelry, a photo, or a craft. Feel free to be creative.
  • A SONG: choose any song that is like an internal anthem for you (i.e. reflects you, you have a personal connection with it, and you have a lot of passion, aliveness, and energy when you listen to it). The lyrics are not as important as the energy that it creates within you. Pick a song that is in your vocal range. Please send a Spotify or YouTube link to [email protected] and have it ready to play on a personal device with headphones.

costa rica rude excursions

We have 2 optional adventure days, for the weekend off, and the prices quoted here are based on a minimum of 8 people participating. For excursions with fewer than 8 participants, pricing will be adjusted accordingly to accommodate the corresponding transportation fees.

Please pay for these excursions in US cash to Mystica upon arrival. Thank you and ENJOY!

1) SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2024

We’re off to enjoy a 2-hour tour of the Don Olivo Organic Farm & Chocolate Tour. It is a wonderful experience, where we make and taste local chocolate, and enjoy the delicious taste of the Costa Rican tropical fruits grown on this large, family-owned, and beautiful farm. https://donolivochocolatetour.net

After the farm, it’s time to relax. We will head to Ecotermales, at the base of the Arenal Volcano, for a typical Costa Rican lunch and spend the afternoon in the soothing and healing Hot Springs:

We will be back at Mystica for Saturday night dinner.

TOTAL including transportation and entry fees: $175 USD

2) SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2024

We leave the Mystica Lodge at 7:30 am and go to the beautiful Playa Hermosa on the Pacific Coast for a magnificent beach day. This tour includes lunch at Hotel Playa Hermosa (appetizer, fresh fruit drink, main dish, and dessert). https://bosquedelmar.com/

Playa Hermosa has a long beach to walk and it is wonderful for swimming. Enjoy a day on the beautiful and rich coast of Costa Rica!

TOTAL including transportation and lunch:$95 USD

Optional treatments available with booking.
US CASH only payable to provider on site.
Wellness session: $70 USD/hr or $100 USD/ 90 min.
Infrared Sauna: $20 USD/pp or $30 USD/ 2 ppl sharing 30 mins.
Ask us for more details – or book on site.


Arrivals are best scheduled for Sunday morning right before the workshop starts and depart on Saturday afternoon right after the workshop ends.

Apologies, however, we are not able to offer participants accommodations at Mystica either before or after the retreat workshop, but if you must arrive early or stay later, we often recommend a beautiful beach location 30 minutes away from the Liberia airport called Hotel Playa Hermosa. For a very rustic and traditional cultural experience, we recommend La Carolina Lodge near the Tenorio National Park.

Mystica is located on a hill overlooking the beautiful Arenal Lake and Volcano. The restaurant and reception are right in the middle, and rooms are mostly just up the hill with the jungle cabins just slightly down the hill and right in the forest. There is a little walk down to the pool, sauna, tree-house for wellness services, and the sanctuary. It is quite a big property and the walk around its hills is lovely.

We provide a bedroom, bathroom, linens, and towels. Each accommodation has its own bathroom with a shower, shampoo provided, and a hairdryer. There is also a safe and mini-fridge.

Please note: food kept in your room must be very well sealed as we are in the tropics and insects will be attracted to your room.

airport pick up

Included in the price package for the RUDE AWAKENING is group transport from the LIR (Liberia, Costa Rica) airport to Mystica on March 17th (maximum 2 group rides that day) and from Mystica to LIR on March30th (maximum 2 group rides that day).

You will need to inform us of your arrival time and flight numbers by emailing us at: [email protected] so that we can coordinate a group van pick-up for those that arrive and depart within a few hours of one another.

If you plan to arrive early or stay late (staying elsewhere) you are welcome to join in the group rides to or from the airport, assuming you organize your own transport from your other location to the meeting point at the airport at the appropriate times.

arriving in costa rica

When you arrive to the LIR airport, you will have to fill out a customs form stating your visiting address. You will write: ‘MYSTICALODGE – TILARAN’. In case you need Mystica’s phone number, it is (506) 2692.1001. And a local personal cell # is (506) 8423.2878. A driver will be waiting for you after you get your luggage and go out of the Arrivals door. He will have a blue and white sign that says MYSTICA so it will be easy to spot them.


We provide ongoing support beyond the workshop with an online e-group, free community events, and continued programs. We will give you this information at the end of the workshop.

payments & cancellation policy

The cost of the workshop includes the fee for the workshop itself, food, and accommodations. A receipt will be included in the package you receive at the end of the workshop.

For foreign visitors: our government mandates charging taxes on all local services. Tax cannot be rebated for overseas travelers per the Canadian Government.

A non-refundable, non-transferable admin fee of $250 CDN is applied to all registrations.

For payment inquiries including payment plans, outstanding balance, and other arrangements, email the office at: [email protected] or phone directly at: 604-513-9001 x2.

travel & cancellation policy

In the unlikely event of a Clearmind International seminar, workshop, or training event being canceled by Clearmind International for any extraordinary reasons including but not limited to:

  • Illness, unavoidable travel delays, or death of the facilitator/speaker
  • Damage
  • “Act of God” or Force Majeure
  • Public Health Emergency
  • Minimum group size not achieved

Clearmind International will refund all monies paid under the contract for the seminar, workshop, or training event.

Clearmind International accepts no responsibility for any further costs or expenses incurred by you, e.g. travel, accommodation, loss of earnings, etc. in the unlikely event of the seminar, workshop, or training event being canceled.

Please read the full Travel & Cancellation Policy and your travel provider to ensure you are entitled to a refund should the event be cancelled by Clearmind International.

For payment inquiries including payment plans, outstanding balance and other needs, contact the office at:
email: [email protected] or phone: 604-513-9001 x2

We’re excited to be supporting you in this very important step in your personal evolution. If you need anything before the workshop, just let us know. We’re here to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Reach us before the workshop via email: [email protected]


I experienced my own Awakening Workshop in 2015 and know the incredible impacts this work can bring. As Director of Workshops, I’m here to support you because I believe in this work.

Patrick McGill, RTC

Director of Workshops, Clearmind International

Disconeection hurts. We want to share what we’ve learned, because we’ve been there. We believe Real Connection is required to have Real Impact on the world around you.

Catherine & Duane O'Kane, Clinical Counsellors

Founders & Facilitators, Clearmind International