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On this page is everything you need for your upcoming workshop.


By making the decision to attend, you have made a commitment to your own personal growth. The workshop empowers you to change and heal a struggle that has a grip on you. The process is transformational and will provide you with tools and techniques that you can use for the balance of your life. Deciding to take the time for yourself and committing to your own personal growth is no small step and Clearmind applauds you.

We are all looking forward to being a part of your process at this workshop. For additional information contact our Workshop Director at: [email protected]




What you’ll find on this page:

-About Us

-Preparing for the Awakening Workshop


Real connection is the difference!

Clearmind International Institute offers in-person and on-line, Personal Growth Workshops, and Leadership Development.

Whether it be in one of our 3-day workshops or longer programs, we provide an adventure of self and other discovery and training in the skills required to be a positive influencer.

Our cutting-edge programs move beyond self-help, supporting people from around the globe to ignite their passion, and transform anxiety into excitement, depression into compassion, and pain into purpose through REAL Connection.
Our mission is to help you access the power of REAL and AUTHENTIC CONNECTION with yourself and others, so you can accelerate your personal evolution while positively impacting the world!

For over 25 years, thousands around the world have experienced the impact of this work and recommended it to family and friends, because it works!

For more information about Clearmind International, please visit: www.clearmind.com

our unique transpersonal philosophy

Einstein said that the most important question is “Is the Universe a friendly place or not?” We operate from the assumption that the universe is fundamentally friendly in that the essence of life and of humanity is good.

Our collective journey requires falling in love with our own stories so that we can live them out as the heroic adventures they are meant to be. When we are brave enough to extend vulnerability and love to those around us (rather than fear and defense), we contribute to the ongoing manifestation of the friendly universe.

Our programs move beyond self-help accelerating personal evolution through the power of authentic, loving connection. Our therapeutic skill is aimed at helping people become vulnerable, but vulnerability is not the final destination. Becoming vulnerable is the last step towards unveiling a pristine view of the innocent, connected, natural state beneath our fears about who we are. We, and others, are all perfectly imperfect, good enough, and lovable – flaws and all. This is the friendly universe.

We operate from a particular theoretical paradigm called ‘Transpersonal’, which more or less means ‘spiritual’. We believe that a holistic approach to healing includes mind, body, and spirit.

Our unique approach draws on the philosophy of A Course in Miracles as well as Buddhist Psychology. You need to be aware of this, particularly if you have firmly held beliefs (ie. religious) that may conflict with what we present. It is not our need that you “buy into” this paradigm; indeed, we would prefer that you think critically about how it fits you and your unique life perspective. We do ask, however, that you “try on” the concepts offered, and keep what works for you.

experiential nature of the workshop

This is an experiential/therapeutic educational program. You will be invited (not forced) to take emotional risks and reveal thoughts, feelings, and experiences that you might not normally share with a group. Rather than simply talking about an issue, you may be invited to participate in creative exercises designed to help you come to a new experience, a new way of seeing or dealing with the issue.

Facilitators will explain the reasoning behind activities; however, if you do not understand the rationale, we welcome you to ask for further clarification. They are designed to increase your level of self-understanding and awareness. Some will be offered to you spontaneously as you bring material forward, and some are part of the program structure.

Because you will be taking this program online, the quality of your experience will in part be determined by you.

What You’ll Need

  • A good internet connection, ideally plugged in directly to the internet rather than on wifi.
  • An up-to-date laptop or desktop computer with a camera (phones are not appropriate).
  • A comfortable, private space, using comfortable headphones if someone else is in your environment.
  • Ensure that you have items you might need available, such as tissues.
  • Limit household tasks to the essentials only.
  • Limit interaction with other household members so that you can focus on the process and your own needs first.
  • Be gentle with yourself as you move through the workshop, taking care of your well-being at every level.
  • Have good quality food available for breaks
  • Do not indulge in alcohol or non-prescription drugs for the duration of the workshop, including after we end our day.

    We also suggest taking the day off work following the workshop if possible, as we have heard from participants that this rest and psychological space allow for greater integration.
  • group process

    Much of our psychological pain comes from disconnection from self and others. Group process is a powerful form of intervention and has many opportunities for connection and learning. You remain ‘in charge’ of your own process; you determine the speed and means with which you will get to where you want to go. Facilitators may make suggestions to you, and may be curious about your decision-making process, but the decision as to what you will do, and when you will do it, will always remain with you.


    We ask participants to agree to confidentiality, which means that what is shared during the workshop by other participants will not be shared with people outside of the workshop. You are free to share your own personal experience of the workshop, but do not identify anyone else directly (for example, by naming them) or indirectly (by sharing information that could identify them).

    If others are in your environment, please participate from a private space, and with headphones, and remember no recording of any form is allowed for any or all parts of the sessions.

    Your facilitators are registered therapists and are ethically bound to confidentiality. They may only break it if they believe that what has been shared puts someone at a clear and present risk of harm. Aside from this caveat, your information is protected and held confidential within our organization as a whole, and will not be shared externally.

    The agreement to confidentiality is essential to creating a safe place for everyone.

    workshop facilitators & assistants

    The Workshop is run by qualified facilitators and trained assistants; we have the highest ratio of trained assistants to participants in the local personal development field. The team is dedicated to providing you with a safe, non-confrontational, and professionally delivered workshop experience. We pride ourselves on respecting the speed at which each participant decides to proceed.

    We ensure a therapeutic responsible and professional approach and our educated facilitators are registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and/or the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association and/or The Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. Workshop assistants, who work under the direction of facilitators receive in-house training in responsible, ethical delivery of service. We adhere to our own internal Code of Ethics, as well as those of our associations.

    preparing for the awakening

    existing prescribed medications & previous counselling diagnoses

    To help us support you, please advise us of any prescribed medication that you may be taking during the workshop or any previous diagnoses by a psychologist or psychiatrist that you may have seen in the past. This is asked in the Participant Information Form previously sent via email.

    Change can only occur by doing something different than usual. Our program is a stretch, mentally and emotionally, which may feel quite uncomfortable at times. Over the course of therapy, clients often feel worse before they feel better, and the same is true of this workshop. We provide a loving supportive atmosphere throughout the workshop.
    With this we ask that everyone refrain from alcohol or non-prescribed mind altering drugs.

    getting ready

    Your workshop experience will be morecomfortable if you plan in advance to havesome creature comforts in place for you:


    • Wear comfortable and relaxed clothing
    • Ensure your space is temperature appropriate for long sitting sessions
    • Have adequate hydration near you
    • Have easy snacks and meals ready
    • A journal and pen for taking notes

    technical setup & requirements

    You will be sent joining instructions via email as we get closer to your workshop dates. We use a free, secure, and encrypted online platform. You will be able to join with a simple click set up and the password provided to you. We will offer times for tech troubleshooting and to help with joining the room prior to starting each day should you need it.

    You will need:

    • A hardwired reliable internet connection (better than wifi for the stability of video and sound)
    • A working webcam (cell phones are not appropriate)
    • Headphones if others are in close proximity to your space
    • Up-to-date laptop or desktop computer with no other programs running for maximum connectivity.

    If you have any special needs or accommodations you feel will be important to your participation of the workshop please let us know.

    approx. workshop schedule (pst/gmt)

    This online experience runs over the course of 2 days.

    Saturday/Day 1

    8 am – 3:30 pm (PST)
    4 pm – 11:30 pm (GMT)

    Sunday/Day 2

    8 am – 3:30 pm (PST)
    4 pm – 11:30 pm (GMT)

    communication & messages

    We ask that you use the workshop time for your growth and healing and give yourself permission to not be distracted by the outside world, as much as possible. Please limit your interactions with household members as you move through the workshop, and limit or eliminate checking email, texts, the internet etc.

    You are participating from your home, and we will need a phone number to reach you during the workshop should we need to contact you, as well as an emergency contact number for someone who is able to reach out to you physically if an emergency occurs. Our workshop producer will be available via email at: [email protected]

    Please reach out at any time over the course of the workshop should you require assistance.

    Please Note: The schedule is not set in stone as no two workshops are the same; it is dependent on the unique participants an group dynamics. Use this schedule as a general guide only and remain open, curious, and flexible. The finish time each day is largely affected by the group size and dynamics. With larger groups, the workshop can run later.



    Clearmind International prides itself on providing ongoing support beyond the workshop with email groups, free community events, and continued support programs. As an online workshop participant, you will also have access to video and online group resources to continue your work and skills practice. We will give you this information at the end of the workshop.

    If you would like to continue your personal growth work, check out further workshop and program offerings on our website. Our facilitator and assistants’ teams are also often available for personal counselling should you wish to pursue private sessions. Ask us for more information.

    payments & cancellation policy

    The cost of the workshop includes workshop materials, post-workshop follow-up, and exclusive access to further exercises and resources.

    A receipt will be e-mailed at the end of the workshop.

    For payment inquiries including payment plans, outstanding balance, and other arrangements, email the office at: [email protected] or phone directly at: 604-513-9001 x2.

    We’re excited to be supporting you in this very important step in your personal evolution. If you need anything before the workshop, just let us know. We’re here to ensure you have the best possible experience.

    Reach us before the workshop via email: [email protected]


    I experienced my own Awakening Workshop in 2015 and know the incredible impacts this work can bring. As Director of Workshops, I’m here to support you because I believe in this work.

    Patrick McGill, RTC

    Director of Workshops, Clearmind International