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Counsellor Training and Personal Growth Workshops

Next Connecture

Wed August 6th, 2014
7:30 pm Start

What am I Here For?
Living a Life that Matters

Catherine O'Kane

Have you ever wondered what you are here for? How do you define ‘success’, and what matters in life? Popular culture would have us believe that freedom from responsibility equals happiness. To some extent all of us have bought into the idea that we would be happier with fewer commitments and responsibilities but more possessions. We are programmed to equate happiness with what we have accumulated, our 'purpose' with career and status. This is the consciousness that is contributing not only to our unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life, but also to the downfall of our planet.

It is the small, many decisions we make on a daily basis that influence both our direction in life and our experience of it. When we are unhappy, it is because we are choosing to pursue something that is not in alignment with who we truly are. Revealing and healing these unconscious choices unlocks the door to happiness, satisfaction and freedom.

The people we admire the most, who strike us as being happiest on their life’s path, are those that have discovered what matters, and have chosen to live their lives in alignment with that. Join Catherine as she explains what you need to know about what you are here for, in order to experience true satisfaction and creativity in your life.

We will be holding a draw for Clearmind Currency at this event.

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Event Location
Unity of Vancouver
5840 Oak Street @ 41st

The Awakening Workshop When a look at your life... becomes the time of your life

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The Awakening is an invitation to a new experience of your self, your life, your friends, family and the world. We investigate the spiritual dilemma that underlies the psychological drama of our lives. The Awakening is a creative, empowering, process-oriented weekend, where we focus on relinquishing a thought system based on fear in favour of one based on love. [Read More]

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Next Advanced Workshop

Men and Miracles
September 12 to 14, 2014
Vancouver, Canada

This powerful workshop helps men re-discover who they truly are and redefine what it means to be a man in today's world.

Many men carry a collective guilt for the perceived sins of their fathers and other men throughout history. Beneath this mask of guilt is the beautiful essence of man waiting to be remembered for what he truly is. By gaining experiential knowledge of who we really are, we allow ourselves to flow through life with ease. From this place, we have something meaningful and authentic to give to those around us.

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Women and Wonder
September 12 to 14, 2014
Vancouver, Canada

Held simultaneously with, but separately from, Men and Miracles, this workshop is designed to help women experience the essence of who they really are.

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Counsellor Training Program

Clearmind's PRAC for Life Counsellor Training Program is suitable for working adults wishing to pursue a career in individual counselling or group counselling. The program is delivered on campus in Vancouver, Canada for over 20 years and through online Distance Learning (a live, interactive group learning environment) for the last 3 years.

PCTIA Registered Canadians who complete the full program qualify to apply for registration with the CPCA as a Registered Professional Counsellor.

Save $400 off Tuition!

Register by September 15, 2014

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Additional information on our counsellor training program is available here on our website.

Olivia in Client Services welcomes your enquiries by phone (604) 513-9001 or at (Nasreen is away on maternity leave until August.)


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85% of our three-year PRAC for Life counsellor training program graduates find work in the helping professions.

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"You know we wouldn't be where we are today without Clearmind. We had the best Christmas so far... unspoken family rules are increasingly becoming redundant as they come to light and are exposed. More smiles, light hearted openness, eye contact, basically love is in the mix more openly... And all this only half-way into year 2 of Prac... I would not be without Prac for anything in the world." Read more