Women and Wonder

Women and Wonder is a powerful workshop designed to help women experience the essence of who they really are.

It is an opportunity to discover the freedom in defining self and what it means to be a woman on your own terms, rather than being influenced by or rebelling against gender specific messages about who you ‘should’ be.

Women have a history of being disempowered and victimized. Social reforms have changed the western cultural landscape and most of us know our value intellectually. Emotionally, however, we still carry a conscious or unconscious sense of lack and shame, an inherited legacy of inadequacy. Even though we might know better, we feel ‘not good enough’. Many of us work hard to make up for this inner sense of lack, by being everything to everyone. We identify ourselves as the roles we play, mother, daughter, lover, career woman, searching for external validation, looking outside ourselves for a sense of worth. And yet, it is never enough.

Women and Wonder gives us the key to release ourselves from our self-imposed prison. By connecting to the experiential knowledge of who we really are, we free ourselves to flow through life with ease, certain of the true nature of our own power. From this place, we have something meaningful and authentic to give to those around us. We become proactive, rather than reactive, extending ourselves into a world that needs a new understanding of power.