Vulnerable Leadership

The leaders who inspire us the most are the ones that have faced similar fears to our own and go on to accomplish great things.

vulnerable leadership

Authentic leadership requires people to be inspired by you but also to be able to relate to you. This workshop is an invitation to redefine yourself as a leader in every aspect of your life. It is an invitation to a deeper level of authentic leadership.

People in leadership positions often do not feel they have a place to bring struggles and that lack ends up impacting their quality of leadership. Usually it is difficult to
find the space or time to reflect let alone learn new ways of leading authentically. Now, more than ever, the world is calling for True Leadership through vulnerability.

This workshop is facilitated by Duane and Catherine O’Kane who are international speakers, authors and facilitators; you will also be supported by trained assistants who are leaders in their own right. The team is dedicated to providing you a safe, supportive professionally delivered weekend experience that prides itself on respecting the speed of which each participant decides to proceed. We ensure a professional approach and these three mid-week days workshop start and end 9:30-5:30 Tuesday-Thursday. Food will be provided for.