The Rude Awakening

The Rude Awakening is an exciting, transformative two-week leadership experience with people from all around the world.

We are constantly teaching those around us what we believe about ourselves, others, and the world, and more often than not we complain about not getting the results that we want. However, life organizes itself around what we put into it. In this leadership training, we accept responsibility for the inherent power we have, and begin to understand what true leadership means for each person in their sphere of influence.

We come to terms with the existential/spiritual dilemma of the purpose of our existence, and have the opportunity to address lifelong patterns and issues. A Course In Miracles states that all of us have a ‘special function’, a particular and unique life purpose. You are perfectly shaped by your history for the adventure that only you can live out.

The state of the world is a result of what we are each putting into it. Your unloving, defended actions may not be as dramatic as a terrorist’s, but every unloving action put into our collective system influences the whole. The ingredients we each put into the collective mix determines the nature of the ‘cake’ our human family takes out of the oven. The Rude Awakening reveals the necessity of giving of ourselves, in whatever unique form we are meant to in the various situations of our lives. It is through embracing our unique function that anxiety transforms into excitement and passion, depression becomes purpose and compassion. We start calling the state of love and creativity our home.