The Odyssey

The Odyssey (formerly known as The Summit) is our Premier workshop, which includes but moves beyond process work into making the most of what we encounter in every moment.

Too often we attempt to find safety by remaining on the sidelines of life, observing and waiting for life to somehow magically happen. We imagine life ought to be comfortable and easy, and if it isn’t easy, then we must be on the wrong path. In The Odyssey we come face to face with our own choice to enter the playing field of life, and experience what we claim we want the most.

Our prerequisite Rude Awakening or Practitioners Training (PRAC) Level 3 helped us to identify what is most important to us, what values we will choose to live by. Taking responsibility for our own experience is an empowering opportunity. Who you are and then what you naturally extend to others on the playing field will come back to you and determine how you feel. In the same way that operating from strategy and control will naturally produce the very bad feeling it is trying to get rid of, operating from vulnerability on the playing field will produce the good feeling we long for. Extending this trusting and loving self produces more of itself just by the sheer act of giving it.

This workshop calls on us to be our own hero. There are no moments that do not matter, count or contribute to the quality of your personal day or the world’s current state. It calls us to get up and enter the playing field, where we enter the experience, as opposed to the perception, of perfection in self and others. We discover the beauty inherent in our messy, difficult, imperfect lives.