The Edge

The Edge walks us to, and exposes, the false promise of addictions and things that we attach ourselves to, convinced that those things hold the key to happiness.

The Edge offers a powerful alternative for our pursuit, by revealing how to rest in a spiritual connection to a power greater than self. Changing your relationship to the addiction/attachment in this way diminishes its power.

Addictions and attachments include the obvious substances such as drugs, alcohol or cigarettes; as well as the not so obvious such as work, fame, relationships, sex, power, money, food, or even spirituality. As long as we are convinced that something holds the key to our happiness, we will be unable to appreciate all that the universe has put right in front of us. We will be blind to the wealth of opportunity inherent in every moment, no matter how it appears. As long as we are attached, we will inevitably distort our perceptions of our current reality and see evidence for disappointment, fear, and lack.

The Edge is tailored to meet the cry of the soul buried underneath our preoccupation with attachments, waiting to be remembered. Many who have taken this workshop have marked this as the turning point in healing the insidious, often unconscious nature of addictive behaviors. This workshop reveals the psychological dynamic that keeps addictions in place, and provides an unequivocal, healthy alternative.