Take 2

Take 2 redefines the difficulty of relationships, revealing the underlying attraction and why it can end up being stuck.

Take 2 offers a new, exciting, intimate experience of your relationship. It shows the path out of the struggle, providing a clear structure that will support the ongoing evolution of both intimate partners. Difficulty or crisis does not mean the end of a relationship, it is the beginning.

The promise of romantic love is powerful, and is reinforced constantly through movies, the media, and even fairy tales. The promise is that in relationship we will feel loved, whole, and finally get from our partner what we believe we didn’t have before them. We are attracted to a certain type of person that in some way connects to our past. We want to write a happy ending to a bad old story, to fill some conscious or unconscious sense of lack.

We typically see the problem of love as that of being loved properly by our partners, rather than of learning how to have a loving relationship. Practical skills are taught, including how to break through typical relationship patterns such as the pursuer/distancer dynamic by learning what it means to take responsibility for 100% of your 50% of the relationship. Take 2 reveals that the experience we long to have in relationship is only one vulnerable step away in any given moment.