Splash is an invitation to a new experience of your life using creativity as a starting point. Our internal landscape determines our external one.

This workshop is about the dilemma that underlies the inhibitions associated with creativity in all its expressions. You will work with your internal map of the psychological defense system. This is not your ordinary arts-based workshop.

Splash is an introductory level workshop, open to anyone.

Splash is an experiential weekend that focuses on the relinquishment of a thought system based on fear while integrating the Inner Critic with one's Muse. While it uses some traditional modes of the visual, literary and performing arts, it is meant to expand your expression at work and play.

Your facilitators are active in the visual, written, and performing arts arenas and we have a team of assistants that are Registered Professional Counsellors and/or Graduates from the Clearmind PRAC program.

Note: Completion of the Splash Workshop is not sufficient to take one of our advanced level workshops, such as The Edge or the Rude Awakening. You must take the Awakening as a prerequisite for advanced level workshops.