The Edge


Freedom From Addictive and Compulsive Behaviours

The Edge workshop exposes the false promise of addictions and compulsive behaviours. All addictions — alcohol or drugs, sex addiction or internet addiction, gambling, or the not-so-obvious such as work, fame, relationships, power, money, food, or even spirituality — are attempts to regulate our internal emotional states because we’re not comfortable.

Anything is Possible

As long as you are convinced that something “out there” holds the key to your happiness, you will not be unable to change this struggle. Changing our need for something to fill our inner sense of lack requires turning to a place that can offer the experience we actually long for.

A reporter once asked Einstein, ‘what is the most important question facing humanity today?’ His response was ‘is the Universe a friendly place, or not?’ The Edge aims to help you answer that question for yourself, in whatever way makes sense to you. You will leave with a greater appreciation for the miracle of your own existence.

Many who have taken The Edge workshop have marked this as the turning point in healing the insidious, often unconscious nature of addictive behaviors.


Still have Questions?

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  • 0ur facilitators are educated and registered with professional associations
  • A support team that is dedicated to providing you a safe, nonconfrontational and professional support
  • Discover the psychological dynamic that keep addictions in place, and learn an unequivocal, healthy alternative.
  • You will leave with with conflict resolution tools to continue your process.
  • A therapeutically responsible and professional approach.
  • 3 wholesome meals plus snacks will be provided. Our cooking staff try their best to accommodate dietary restrictions (ie. a vegetarian and non-vegetarian and GF option).
  • Email support group for you and your co-participants, assistants and facilitators.
  • Learn skills of emotional responsibility

*Prerequisite completion of entry level workshop with Clearmind is required*