The Edge


This Is Your Turning Point.

Let your willingness to change be the driving force for you to take the next right action.


Freedom From Addictive and Compulsive Behaviours

Maybe you’ve been using drugs to numb the pain, mindlessly scrolling, binge eating or getting a high from your relationships. All addictions — drugs, gambling or internet addiction, and even the not-so-obvious ones— such as work, fame, relationships, power, money, food, or spirituality — are attempts to regulate our internal emotional states because we’re not comfortable. These are some of the most pressing issues of our time. The Edge Workshop exposes the false promise of addictions and compulsive behaviours.


Start Your Path of Recovery

Learn how to clean up your mistakes and start on the path of recovery. Learn how to fill the emptiness within. Changing our need for something to fill our inner sense of lack requires turning to a place that can offer the experience we actually long for. Learn how to forgive and honour yourself. Your addictions have been working hard to keep you running from your feelings —and the parts you haven’t felt ready to touch or look at. As long as you are convinced that something “out there” holds the key to your happiness, you cannot change the struggle.

Many who have participated in The Edge Workshop have marked this as the turning point in healing the harmful and often unconscious nature of addictive behaviours.




Still have Questions?

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  • Facilitators are educated and registered with professional counselling associations
  • A support team that is dedicated to providing you a safe, nonconfrontational, and professional support
  • Discover the psychological dynamic that keeps addictions in place, and learn an unequivocal, healthy alternative
  • Leave with conflict resolution tools
  • Learn about emotional responsibility
  • A therapeutically responsible and professional approach
  • Meals will be provided. Our cooking staff try their best to accommodate dietary restrictions (ie. a vegetarian and non-vegetarian and GF option)
  • Email support group for you and your co-participants, assistants, and facilitators