Setting The

Goal Workshop

Make Your Dreams A Reality

Setting the Goal is a powerful workshop designed to support you in setting a concrete intention for your future. Einstein has said, “We cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it” and so, despite our best efforts, we often find ourselves circling around a deeply stuck place. In this workshop, we reveal how that stuck place can become an important stepping-stone to achieving the very thing you want.

The most powerful intentions are felt with the heart (rather than thought in the mind) and are in alignment with your own natural evolutionary direction. However, it is important to discern the motivation behind your intentions and desires. Whatever drives the motivation – be it fear and lack, or genuine joy – those feelings behind your intentions and desires will deeply influence the experience you have of your life.

Alice in Wonderland asked the Cheshire Cat at a crossroad, ‘Which road shall I take?’. He replied, ‘Where do you want to go?’ to which Alice responded, ‘I don’t know.’ The Cheshire Cat said ‘Well any road will do then”.

While we can’t magically create the life we want just by saying we want it, setting the intention acts as a directional compass. When we have set the right intention, at the outset, every obstacle becomes an opportunity. This forward-facing workshop reveals some surprising thoughts about how you unconsciously sabotage your own success, and what it takes to move through these blocks and achieve what you really want.


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  • 0ur facilitators are educated and registered with professional associations
  • A support team that is dedicated to providing you a safe, nonconfrontational and professional support
  • Create a greater ability to relate to a positive vision in your future.
  • Connect to a clear, felt intention, with concrete steps to take toward a personal goal.
  • A therapeutically responsible and professional approach.
  • Genuine integrated change requires targeting thinking, feeling, and doing, which is achieved through a balance of experience and understanding.
  • Email support group for you and your co-participants, assistants and facilitators.

*No prerequisites are required other than your willingness and openness.*