REAL Relationships

Personal Growth Program


Coming this FALL!

We are at our best in all aspects of life when we have solid and REAL relationships. REAL relationships are at the heart of happy families, successful work teams, and connected communities. REAL relationships come from successfully navigating relationship dilemmas of all sorts, personally and professionally. The awareness and skills required to navigate the challenging landscape of our relationships are not innate; they are learned. Relational Intelligence and emotional intelligence go hand in hand.

Clearmind has been teaching these for decades through our counsellor training program, known as PRAC. We are excited to evolve out of PRAC into a relational intelligence training program geared toward navigating the complexities of relationship dynamics in the modern world.

This program is suitable for anyone wanting to be a positive influencer in the landscape of personal and professional relationships. The content and format are relevant, cutting edge, practical and deep. Sessions are delivered live and online by experienced master therapists.

What makes our trauma-informed program unique is our experiential learning model, which nurtures REAL, deep integration. You will meet with a group of up to 28 fellow participants for 20 weekly creative and collaborative sessions, starting October 2022!If you believe that integrated healing requires focusing on mind, body and spirit then our REAL program is for you.

If you believe that integrated healing requires focusing on mind, body and spirit then our REAL program is for you. Are you ready to experience REAL relationships in your life?



  1. Adopt a clearly defined goal to provide direction across various life circumstances
  2. Assume a position of responsibility and commitment to a personally defined life purpose or direction
  3. Have increased your own level of life satisfaction through further developing your emotional and relational intelligence
  4. Adopt a position of acceptance toward self and others


  1. Describe the process of human development in the context of attachment, systemic and relational forces that shape identity
  2. Describe systemic power dynamics associated with race, gender, sexuality, culture and social norms, including how these play out relationally
  3. Describe the process of positive (systemic evolutionary) change
  4. Identify clear steps to address your personal and professional dilemmas in the context of your systemic relational landscape



Practical/Professional Skills

  1. Demonstrate emotional awareness, including tolerance of emotional discomfort, such that reactive behaviour is minimized and proactive behaviour is maximized.
  2. Apply empathetic, responsible and connective communication skills
  3. Demonstrate awareness of power dynamics associated with race, gender, sexuality, culture and social norms
  4. Demonstrate healthy boundaries, assuming responsibility for self and supporting others to take responsibility appropriately


If you have embarked on any of our 3 days workshops, REAL Relationships is a “next level” program ideal in helping you develop your skills.
For those who have participated in our more advanced programs like the Odyssey, Rude or PRAC 1 Program, this program has similar core elements, however it is a more enhanced program that also offers theory and exercises that are unique from any of our other programs.
If you are looking to continue enhancing further your relational intelligence skills, REAL Relationships is for you!


If you are ready to apply, connect with us to speak with our Client Services who can walk your through the application process. Just email us here or call: 1.604.513.9001 (ext 1). We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

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“I have plenty of tools and courage to take home with me and share with others. This experience was exactly what I needed at the right time in my life. I feel stronger than ever before! I wish everyone could have their own experience with Clearmind!”-J.R

“Clearmind helped me discover the importance of being emotionally present and transparent in all my relationships, and to lead with my heart. And that it’s okay to be a man full of feelings – to display those feelings is a strength, not a weakness.”-A.C

“After working with Clearmind, I feel very peaceful, calm, present, confident. I discovered new parts of myself and strength and energy I didn’t know existed.”-M.K