Accelerate Your Personal Evolution Through REAL CONNECTION

real authentic connection


Now you can accelerate your personal growth by learning the skills of REAL authentic connection through Relational & Emotional Intelligence. It is these very skills that are at the core of helping you improve ALL areas of your life!

The REAL Life program will help you:

  • Understand and use the power of REAL Connection
  • Discover the REAL You in every relationship
  • Experience your ability to make a REAL Impact anywhere
  • Develop or improve your relational intelligence

Imagine learning online, one session per week in a safe environment of your peers – then practicing your skills in your real life, in real time. Learn to be yourself, to be authentic, loving, vulnerable, brave, and honest. You can do no more in this life, and hopefully by the time you complete this program you will do no less!

program essentials

  • 3 hours of online sessions, once a week (day or evening session times available)
  • 20 weeks of online learning plus access to the online learning environment
  • Allow 1-2 hours/week for homework, readings, and using the Online Learning Platform
  • Tuition: $4515 (payment plans available); all applications require a $350 CAD non-refundable, non-transferrable Application Fee with signed Application Form
  • Pre-requisites – ANY Clearmind Workshop; when you’re ready, contact us so we can book you into the workshop of your choice

“After my Awakening, I really feel valued, stronger, lighter and I am enjoying my day. I don’t remember feeling this way before. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Clearmind.
Thank you. “

– Awakening Online Participant, 2020


The skills you learn in the REAL Life Program are yours for life. Investing in your ability to be more authentic, connect from a real place, and communicate more vulnerably translate towards becoming a really great human. The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. But all relationships start first within ourselves.

who is this program for?

If you have embarked on any of our 3-day workshops, REAL Life is a ‘next level’ program ideal in helping you develop your skills.

For those who have participated in our more advanced programs, like the Odyssey, Rude or PRAC 1 Program, this program has similar core elements, however it is a more enhanced program that also offers theory and exercises that are unique from any of our other programs.

If you are looking to continue enhancing and furthering your relational intelligence skills, REAL Life is for you!


important notes

Clearmind’s unique Learning Framework:

REAL Life features experiential components to help embody all styles of learning, which you will experience first-hand at any of our pre-requisite workshops. The theoretical foundation for our program is drawn from established schools of therapy, including positive/transpersonal psychology and experiential/relational/humanistic approaches, learned in a unique, creative, and collaborative environment. More details can be found throughout our website.

technical requirements for online classes:

Adults with experience using the internet and basic Microsoft Office applications will be able to navigate the Online Program and Learning Management System.

program outline and policies:

Click here to learn more about our program!

program fees

Fees accurate as of March 2022. All totals below already include applicable Canadian taxes.

Note: Brief Description Registration Total
Any Workshop First
Program pre-requisite. Attend any 1
workshop in-person or online to start
Emotional and relational intelligence
skills for improving relationships
Early Registration by
August 1st
Must have deposit and application
received by midnight of deadline
Program Dates: Start: October 11, 2022 End: March 15, 2023
Online Option 1: 20 Tuesday Mornings 10:00 PST 13:00 PST
Online Option 2: 20 Thursday Evenings 18:00 PST 21:00 PST
Early Registration by
August 1st
Must have deposit and application
received by midnight of deadline

*All prices shown in Canadian dollars after taxes included.

*Fees are subject to change.

*Payment Plans are available.

*Early Registration discount expires midnight August 1st.

*Last chance to join program is by session 3 October 25/27, 2022.

joining the program

quick steps to join the real Life program:

step 1:

Attend ANY Clearmind Workshop or book your spot so you are eligible to apply. If you have already attended a workshop, provide workshop title and date completed.

step 2:

Apply online – pay your $350 deposit fee and complete the Application Form.

step 3:

Review, sign, and return your registration contract, choose and start your payment plan.

step 4:

More detailed and personal information will be collected in a confidential online form.

Ready to start your journey towards a more connected life? Let’s talk soon! I’m here to answer any of your questions, book you into a workshop or get you started on your REAL Life Program Application. Just email [email protected] or call 604-513-9001 extension 1.


Sometimes speaking with someone can help you decide if the workshop is a fit for you. Feel free to call me if you have any questions, or would like to speak further. I would be happy to connect with you!

Craig Wanless

Program Services, Clearmind Vancouver, [email protected], 604-513-9001 ext 1