PRAC Year 3

Program Updates


You’ve made it through the second year of PRAC – Congrats! P2 was an intense year. You have focused on experiential and relational psychotherapy from an intellectual and practical perspective. You are now ready for an exciting and challenging journey into leadership, integrating and deepening your grounding in trauma-informed practice and multicultural counselling, as well as learning group therapy and leadership skills. The bulk of the 400-hour Counselling Practicum occurs in this final year of the program, so get ready for a lot of practice.

In light of the Counselling Profession’s expected governmental regulation in the province we operate from, BC Canada, Clearmind has made some program updates aligned with competency recommendations for the future Regulatory College (see FACTBC.org for more information).

Here’s What’s Changing:

  • Class Start Date for PRAC 3: September 20th / 22nd, 2022

Our P3 program updates are geared toward providing you with the skills and competencies required to meet the counselling profession’s practice standards in BC Canada, where we are designated as a private career training college (PTIB# 03151). These continue to evolve as colleges governing counselling are legislated into being. See our professional regulation page for more information, and do your research about regulations in effect in your area.




Applications are now open for the PRAC 3 Professional Counsellor Stream. PRAC 3 is not offered for personal growth, so anyone wishing to participate must register for the diploma program and meet all the requirements.

Early Bird Discounts and Payment Plans Available.

If you are ready to apply, please know you MUST read through the Course Outline and Policies before completing and sending your application.


More Questions?

Connect with us to speak with our Program Services Director, who can walk you through the application process. Just click the button below to email us or call 604-513-9001 x1. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

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