PRAC Program Technical Specifications

Adults with experience using the internet and basic Microsoft Office applications will be able to navigate the Online Classroom and Learning Management System (LMS). Being familiar with online meeting platforms such as Zoom or Skype is also helpful. For assignments during the school year, you’ll need access to Microsoft programs such as Word and PowerPoint.

Please be sure to read over the full technical specifications below:

1. webcam (not phone or tablet)
2. headset with an integrated microphone (not gaming headset)
3. high speed internet 20 Mb/s (check your internet speed here)
4. Computer with dual core processor; check a tag or system description that says Intel Core 2, or i3/5/7 or AMD A4/A6/A8/A10 (also others – these are the most common). Check your computer by looking in: ‘Settings > System > About > System Info’ for your specific set up. 

5. A (basic or better) licensed version of Microsoft Office Program Suite (Home or Business) for Word, PowerPoint etc.

Tips for a better experience:

The requirements listed above are the minimum required to provide a good experience in our online classrooms and Learning Management Systems. There are also other steps you can take to improve your experience if you are an online student.

When attending your online classroom, it is best to have all other programs, applications, chats and browsers closed. Not only will this help with your own focus, it also will help with your computer’s processor and your internet band-with.

Your Wifi signal will degrade with the distance from the router. Is it always best to position yourself as close to the router as possible during class time, or wiring directly into the router and turning WiFi off on your computer. Many computers will leave both connections enabled when you plug in a network cable, which can also cause connection issues. Always use a single connection and ensure other network connections are off. We also understand you may not be in control of your internet connection if connecting to an online class from a remote location such as a hotel room while on vacation etc. Clearmind will also be unable to offer technical support for any difficulties arising from these unpredictable connections.

Depending on the speed of your internet service, you may have a better experience in our online classroom if other members of your home are not actively using a large portion of your bandwidth. For example, three other people watching separate online video streams may impact your performance depending on the service you have. You will probably not be affected by this if you are using a Fibre or other higher-speed connection.

You may be asked to use a headset or earbuds while in class as some computers have issues with echoes and feedback being heard by the rest of the group. This step would be suggested on an individual basis and there is no way of knowing whether your computer will be one of those affected by this problem. If you notice this issue in any video chat applications like Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, you may have this experience in the online classroom.

Before classes start, you’ll be required to attend one “Tech Check” Session, which will be scheduled with you to ensure you have the ability to enter the classroom, trouble-shoot any issues ahead of class, and give you a tour of the online learning platform. Students receive the Tech Check invitation email once full enrollment has been completed (contract and tuition received).