Get off the bleachers and onto the playing field of life

The Odyssey reveals the extraordinary in the ordinary. This workshop includes but moves beyond process work into making the most of what we encounter in every moment. Too often we attempt to find safety by remaining on the sidelines of life, observing and waiting for life to magically happen. We imagine life ought to be comfortable and easy, and if it isn’t easy, then we assume we must be on the wrong path.

This workshop calls on us to be our own hero. There are no moments that do not matter, count or contribute to the quality of your personal day or the world’s current state. It calls us to get up and enter the playing field, where we enter the experience, as opposed to the perception, of perfection in self and others. We discover the wonder inherent in our messy, difficult, imperfect REAL lives.

The Odyssey invites you to walk into what life puts in front of you, and discover the freedom, creativity and joy that comes from being willing to get on the playing field and extend yourself to others. You will start down a path toward actualizing a dream. You will learn how to carry on, dragging along any doubts and questions you have, but no longer allowing them to impede your progress. The Odyssey is an adventure unlike any other you have experienced with Clearmind.

The Odyssey is a 1 week workshop, requiring participants to have completed either The Rude Awakening or PRAC 3 as a pre-requisite. The Odyssey proceeds at a different pace than our 3 day workshops, allowing for more integration time.

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