Men And

Miracles Workshop

Your Vulnerability Is A Strength, Not A Weakness

Do you have a hard time opening up? Many men have been conditioned to hide their emotions. Cultural norms and gender stereotypes have been circulating for generations, and they can be unhealthy and harmful, especially for males. Men are often taught very young to limit and ignore their emotions, but this narrative is shifting. The Men And Miracles Workshop is on a mission to teach you to be honest about how you’re feeling and to express your emotions freely, even when it might feel scary. 


An Opportunity To Redefine What It Means To Be A Man In Today’s World

In this powerful workshop, you will discover an authentic self that can embody accountability but not apologize for what you are. You’ll get support from others that may be going through similar struggles. You’ll learn to stop hiding and better understand your emotional needs.


Make Peace With The Past And Harness The Power Of Vulnerability

When you expose something about yourself—experiences, behaviours, and emotions, you strengthen the relationships around you. Being vulnerable takes away the pressure of having to do it on your own. Open up to other men, and be a better friend, partner, and co-worker. By connecting to who you really are, you can make peace with the past and earn the trust and respect of those around you.



Still have Questions?

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  • Facilitators are educated and registered with professional counselling associations
  • A support team that is dedicated to providing you a safe, nonconfrontational, and professional support
  • Support and community with men committed to a new direction
  • A therapeutically responsible and professional approach
  • Targeting thinking, feeling, and doing, which is achieved through a balance of experience and understanding
  • Meals will be provided. Our cooking staff try their best to accommodate dietary restrictions (ie. a vegetarian and non-vegetarian and GF option)
  • Email support group for you and your co-participants, assistants and facilitators
  • This workshop is separate from the Women & Wonder Workshop but runs simultaneously on the same weekend. It includes a powerful healing ceremony with the women at its completion


  • No prerequisites are required other than your willingness and openness