REAL Leadership

As leaders, we face the daily dilemma of being a good role model while wrestling with our own anxieties and doubts. To deal with this, we may resort to showing a masked version of ourselves instead of being REAL. However, the leaders who inspire us the most are the ones that have faced similar fears to our own and go on to accomplish great things. We feel connected to their authenticity, and inspired because we see in them what is possible for ourselves.

Strategic Leadership Doesn’t Work

Most organizational problems are relational problems, and are at the root of staff morale issues, absenteeism, and low productivity. No matter how you choose to structure your company or organization, there will be a different structure that evolves out of how people relate to each other. The people who end up being psychological leaders in an organization may not be the designated leaders, and may not be working ‘with’ the designated leader’s direction.

Every relationship is a two-way relationship of influence, where each person has an equal impact on the other, no matter what the apparent power structure. This impact is determined by the emotional message being conveyed through body language and tone of voice, more than the content or words we say. We can’t fake that emotional message: what we actually feel inside will leak out in our body language, impact others, and potentially undermine what we are trying to accomplish.

Real Connection Is Required To Have Positive Impact

We impact those around us, whether we are in a leadership position or not. We are at our most powerful when what we say matches what we feel. Inspirational leaders have an ability to use what they feel to connect authentically, and galvanize people to their vision. Clearmind International offers organizations a powerful model for authentic leadership, including training in the skills required to be a positive influencer. People and organizations thrive in a positive, honest, supportive atmosphere.

Vulnerable Leadership Workshop

This 3 day workshop for leadership in the workplace is an invitation to clarify your purpose, what drives and inspires you about the work you do, and learn the authentic relationship skills required to be a positive influencer.

Most of us want to feel passionate about our work, because we recognize how much time and energy we will spend in the workplace. However, as personal investment in the workplace increases, so does vulnerability, because when something is important we feel vulnerable. This can happen when the ‘cause’ we are working for is important, it can happen because the people we work with become important, and it can happen when we realize the power others have to support or thwart our goals.

When we feel vulnerable, we react in predictable ways, by distancing, pretending, strategizing and defending. These strategies end up creating the problematic dynamics that undermine our goals. We end up feeling tired and uninspired.

This workshop first and foremost supports you to connect to your purpose, reigniting the passion and inspiration that is so important to a meaningful work life. You will learn how to address vulnerability in the workplace in an emotionally responsible, connective way.

Vulnerable Leadership is offered as a scheduled 3 day workshop in our workshop calendar. It is also possible to schedule this workshop for your team, or to request a shorter presentation/workshop for your organization. Use the button below to find out more from our Client Services team.

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Further Leadership Development

Our 3 day Vulnerable Leadership workshop is intended as an introduction to our psychological/emotional approach for organizations. As such, it is not as therapeutically oriented or intensive as our other programs and workshops.

We believe that the best you have to offer others is the REAL you, and therefore any personal work you choose to do will also accelerate your professional evolution. For further leadership development, including in-depth training in the relational skills required to be a positive influencer, consider our REAL program. You may also consider our 3 day Setting the Goal workshop, our 2 week Rude Awakening workshop. These require our Awakening Workshop as pre-requisite.