Setting the Goal – ONLINE (PST/GMT)

Clearmind Advanced Workshop: SETTING THE GOAL

Start Your New Year Clear!

Alice in Wonderland asked the Cheshire Cat at a crossroad, ‘Which road shall I take?’. He replied, ‘Where do you want to go?’ to which Alice responded, ‘I don’t know.’ The Cheshire Cat said ‘Well any road will do then”.

Setting an intention for the year will have a powerful impact. While we can’t magically create the life we want just by saying we want it, setting the intention acts as a directional compass. Rather than being blown about by circumstance, we harness the power of the wind to move in a specific direction. The most powerful intentions are felt (rather than thought), and in alignment with our own natural evolutionary direction.When we have set the right intention, at the outset, every obstacle becomes an opportunity.

Come participate in this forward-facing experiential workshop with Catherine and Duane, and set yourself up for the best year of your life.

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