The Odyssey

The Odyssey is our premier workshop and is structured quite differently than our other workshops. In The Odyssey you will come face to face with your choice to enter the playing field of life, and experience what you claim you want the most.

One of the ego’s greatest ways to keep us ‘safe’ is to remain in the stands, observing life on the playing field. We often think life should be comfortable and easy, and if it isn’t easy, then we must be on the wrong path. We dismiss relationships because we encounter head on obstacles and decide on another relationship that appears to promise a smoother ride. We often feel that we ought to receive abundance without having to ‘do’ anything other than affirming our worthiness. Thus, we sit in the stands waiting for life to somehow magically happen.

The Rude Awakening and/or PRAC 3 helped you identify what is most important and what values to live by. The Odyssey commands action, or as A Course in Miracles describes it, demonstration. The nature of this work is to not simply to feel better, it is to extend this better feeling to the world. We have to give what we want to get.

This workshop calls on us to be our own hero. It calls us to enter the experience, as opposed to the perception of perfection in self and others. We discover the beauty inherent in our messy, difficult, imperfect lives.

You will move closer to your goal (along with your doubts but without them impeding your progress). You will enter your own no-mans-land with nothing familiar to grab onto to keep you anchored to the predictable or the familiar. You will come face to face with yourself, and make a commitment to being all that you can be in your relationships and the world.

This is an international workshop, with participants coming to Vancouver from all over the world. There will be some free time throughout the week to relax.

Expect to discover faith, trust and creativity. GET THE INFO PACK FOR MORE DETAILS:

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