Men and Miracles

Men & Miracles is a powerful and transformational workshop designed to help men re-discover who they truly are. It offers an opportunity to redefine what it means to be a man in today’s world. Most men carry a collective guilt for the perceived sins of their fathers and all other men, who were also responsible for most historical atrocities. Men avoid this deep suspicion of who they intrinsically are and become only a facsimile of themselves… yet another man contributing to an already defended and hostile world.

This burden of guilt requires attention and remedy and is addressed with very serious intent in this workshop. The truth is that beneath this mask of guilt is the beautiful essence of man waiting to be remembered for what he truly is. By connecting to the experiential knowledge of who we really are, we allow ourselves to flow through life with ease. You will find a new perspective on yourself as a man in relation to your father, your first model of what it means to be a man and come to a fuller realization of the nuances of your own identity.

It takes courage to do the exercises, which offer you the reward of recalling the soul of the man in you that can be proud of his own existence. Although this workshop is separate from the woman’s workshop, there is a profound opportunity for healing with women at its completion. You will leave supported by the company of men committed to a new direction with yourself and in all your relationships. You will have something to legitimately give to all of your relationships other than just strategy – your real self.

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