FREE In-Person Community Event

What matters most to you? Are you living in alignment with what matters most?

It is the small, many decisions we make daily that influence both your direction in life and our experience of it.  If you’re dissatisfied with your life, it might be because you’re living a script you’ve been handed rather than living out your authentic story. Revealing and healing these unconscious choices unlocks the door to life satisfaction.

Join Catherine as she discusses how to separate your default programming from your genuine desires and how to count yourself in. This life is precious, and you deserve to live to the fullest!

Come experience for yourself the connection available through the power of authentic REALationship!

The event is free for everyone who registers via Eventbrite before the event, any last-minute attendees without registration will have to pay an entry fee of $20.

(FREE PARKING on-site & 3 mins walk from Renfrew Station)