The Awakening

Clearmind’s Cornerstone Workshop

The Awakening Workshop teaches you the skills for better relationships through REAL, Authentic Connection.

Above all, it is the quality of your relationships that determines the quality of your life. Research shows connected relationships bring lasting happiness. However, true authentic connection cannot be experienced while we are feeling triggered or defensive.

Learn the skills for developing better, more connected relationships from professional counselors in this life-changing workshop experience.

As a result, you’ll experience a deeper, richer sense of yourself and who you are behind your armor. Learn to see others behind their defenses. Make friends with your vulnerable heart and communicate from your authentic self. Awaken to the possibility that the Universe is a friendly place.

Please visit the Awakening workshop page for more information or connect with us here for Awakening specific information.

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For over 30 years, thousands around the world have transformed their relationships and enriched their lives. Learn how today!

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