Clearmind Program Updates

Clearmind’s Response to COVID-19 (updated September 2021)


To our valued Clearmind Community,

We announced in our last newsletter that we would follow the BC health mandate that requires proof of vaccination to attend our in-person workshops. As we examined the details of the health order, we discovered that gatherings under 50 would not be required to provide proof of vaccine. Therefore, we have decided instead to keep our in-person workshop numbers below this threshold.

From October on, we are now asking for either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result taken within 72 hours to attend. We intend to make our in-person workshops both accessible and safe.

The last year and a half has been traumatic in so many ways for so many reasons. People have lost loved ones and suffered long-term health repercussions due to COVID-19. The mental health of so many, including our children, has suffered. Drug abuse and death by overdose have increased. Front-line healthcare workers are burnt out and overwhelmed. Some who have suffered oppression by authority are feeling retraumatized by health mandates. People are under pressure and being restricted in their choices. We are a wounded population, and when we hurt our impulse is to lash out. What is happening to us relationally is every bit as destructive as what is happening.

Vaccinations have become a polarizing subject. It is painful to see relationships harmed in our inability to see and hear each other. We have often said a healthy decision involves considering self and others equally. What is my assessment about what is best for me? How does my decision impact others, particularly those that are close to me? This requires listening deeply and communicating vulnerably. We must enter these courageous conversations being willing to be wrong. If we’re not willing to be wrong, we won’t be open to new information. Going through a relational decision-making process will result in different choices for different people. There can never be one right choice for everyone. We hope that we can evolve beyond the gridlock of polarized thinking. Legitimately considering others might mean you alter your stance. If it comes from legitimately considering others, it can be experienced as an expansion of self rather than a sacrifice of self.

We have heard the impact of our choice to follow vaccine mandates on some of our community members. We are sorry that some of you have felt invalidated or excluded. It is not our wish or intention to invalidate or exclude anyone, yet it seems we will negatively impact someone no matter what we choose. It’s a horrible spot to be in as a relationship-based company. We believe our programs and workshops are valuable, and to keep offering them, we require very mundane operational things like liability insurance. Our insurance provider needs us to follow health mandates where they apply and to follow safety protocols.

This adjustment to requiring either proof of vaccination or negative COVID test result is our best effort to consider everyone’s right to make informed choices and consider everyone’s need to feel safe. Wearing masks will be optional, except when serving yourself at our buffet, or at the request of facilitators (when working in very close quarters). We hope that this adjustment provides both a sense of safety as well as accessibility. Please remember that we also provide online offerings, including the Awakening Online.

With love,
Catherine and Duane

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