Clearmind Program Updates

Clearmind’s Response to COVID-19 (updated August 2021)

As you may be aware, the Government of BC has instituted new Covid protocols recently, including mandating vaccines for events and gatherings. This mandate does not reflect the views of Clearmind. However, we are preparing to follow mandated protocols, as we have been throughout the pandemic.

It is our aim to consider all as best we can, and keep everyone safe including participants, facilitators, staff and assistants. Clearmind is following the Covid Protocols mandated by BC Law. While we respect everyone’s right to choose, we will not violate this health order.

Between now and Sept 12, 2021 we will continue with policies in place, which recommend masks and social distancing when indoors or in close quarters. For the most part, masking should not be necessary when we are outdoors. Workshops will continue to take place outdoors in our tent, as weather permits.


  • Clearmind workshops are considered a discretionary event. As such, as of Sept 13 2021, BC law requires us to obtain proactive proof (certificate/vaccination card) of at least a one vaccination for anyone 12 years old and above. This pertains to workshop participants, assistant, facilitators and other team relevant members. Those attending workshops from other provinces may present the valid certification of vacation that they obtained from their province.


  • As of Oct 24 2021, Clearmind is required to obtain proof (in advance) of both vaccinations for all people involved in a workshop.  Because it is a law, Clearmind is required to enforce these guidelines without exception or exemption. Those unable to proactively produce proof of vaccination will not be able to attend an in person workshop, but may still participate in our convenient on line workshops.


Our mandate as a company is to consider all as best as we can while still following the what the law requires of us. Above all, we aim to do our best to keep our participants and team members safe.

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