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about The Awakening Workshop

A time comes in your life when the voice inside your head cries out “enough”! Enough fighting or struggling in pursuit of what you think you need to be happy. Enough hoping and waiting for something or someone else to change. It is time to face yourself, and change from the inside out.


More Self-Love

The Awakening is more than counseling. It is a deep holistic means for self discovery to unlock the real you. The Awakening helps you to move past doubt and shame and discover the vulnerability required to experience real love and connection.

Deeper Love

By discovering a deeper sense of love for yourself you create the potential to give and receive deeper love from the people around you. Rediscover real connection with your partner, family and friends and learn to create better relationships with the people who come into your life.

Real Connection

When you are true to yourself and others you unlock the true potential of your life. The Awakening helps you to discover the you that has always been waiting inside to discover and create authentic connection in life. Embrace your real connection today!



The Rude Awakening is a life changing, magical experience.

Gizzela Naggy

Life changing, deep, hugely personal and transformative. Involvement with Clearmind has carried weight, depth, longevity and restore deep truth and awakening of mind, body and spirit.

Vicci Nagli

Truly transformational work done with Clearmind. My life has changed for the better, in a myriad of ways. Mainly, through understanding what was in ‘my way’ and not knowing that this was happening in my subconscious. Highly recommended

Fiona Stephenson



about The Awakening Workshop

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